We Are A Gym Not A Health Club


We are a gym, not a health club! Body Shop is for people who want to work out and train for themselves or for a particular sport. We are small and comfortable place with what you need, with no waiting or line ups.


173 St. Paul Crescent
St Catharines, ON, L2S 1N4

Call or Text: (905) 988 - 9007



Additional Family Members Only $25

with pre-authorized debit payments

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Registered members of Body Shop Fitness Centre can also set up pre-authorized debit payments online via Rotessa recurrent payment system. No contracts. No sign up fees. No hidden fees. You may cancel at anytime with a 7 day notice. Only $35 + HST will be debited from your account every month until you say stop. Payments will start at the end of your current membership date or if it has already expired they will start in the next 2-3 days. If you would like to add an additional member to your account please call as at 905-988-9007.

New customers of Body Shop Fitness Centre can also set up preauthorized payments. However after signing up for preauthorized payments they have to come into the office to finish registration. Please visit us at 173 St. Paul Crescent, St Catharines, ON, L2S 1N4 or call our office at 905-988-9007.

If you are a member of Body Shop Fitness Centre or a new customer who wants to sign up for pre-authorized debit payments please register here ...


  • Efficiency and effectiveness so you don't waste time in a gym
  • Design safe and effective programs to minimize injury and maximize results

  • Trainers provide inspiration and accountability
  • Trainers regularly introduce variety and progression

  • Trainers make program fun and interesting using various exercise tools
  • Help you develop self-worth and self confidence

Group and Team training available!

Call 905-988-9007 for details